Tencent Sanctions Policy Statement

Tencent Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “Tencent Group”) are committed to complying with all applicable sanctions laws and regulations that are binding on Tencent Group in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

We are aware that the breach of any sanctions laws or regulations may have serious repercussions for Tencent Group which may adversely impact our brand reputation and ability to provide products and services to our customers. Tencent Group has therefore established a Sanctions Policy that defines the minimum standards which Tencent Group must comply with, including:

Screening clients globally against the sanctions regimes administrated by applicable jurisdictions
Screening locally against other sanctions lists that apply to Tencent Group’s operations in a particular jurisdiction, where applicable
Prohibiting business activities, including prohibitions on commencing or continuing customer relationships or providing products or services or facilitating transactions with sanctioned parties that Tencent Group believes may violate applicable sanctions law or Tencent Group’s Sanctions Policy
Blocking or rejecting transactions where Tencent Group is required to do so under applicable sanctions law or regulations or Tencent Group’s Sanctions Policy

To ensure compliance with the various sanctions regimes described above and to better assess our risk implications, we may at times request additional customer information to be furnished. In addition, Tencent Group may revise its Sanctions Policy from time to time as and when necessary to ensure Tencent Group’s internal compliance measures remain current and effective. In certain situations, even where there is no express prohibition under applicable sanctions laws and regulations, Tencent Group may exercise its discretion not to process certain transactions or provide products /services where to do so would potentially result in risk to the Tencent Group.